Company portrait

As a global engineering and manufacturing company, JAQUET specializes in speed measurement by providing speed sensors and complete systems solutions for applications in demanding and ambient conditions.

JAQUET was founded as "Etablissement de Chronométrie JAMES JAQUET scientifique" in 1889, in the village of St. Imier, Canton Bern. In addition producing watches and stopwatches they also produced scientific  instruments and invented the first handheld tachometer.

Due to business ties with the University of Basel, the JAQUET family relocated to Basel. Under the new company name “SA JAMES JAQUET, St. Imier” the company became a industry leader for handheld tachometers and was recognized worldwide.

The JAQUET family acquired a property on Thannerstrasse, where the company is still located to this day.

The company survived during the economic crisis of the 1930s, due to its diversified range of precision instruments which were used in the laboratories of universities and chemical companies.

In addition to the importance of precision engineering, electronics became the main focus of the company. In the 1940s, the company received it’s current name "JAQUET  AG". Renovations started in order to extend the production area.

In modern laboratories, machinery for evaluating hearing loss and electro cardiographs were developed. 80% of products were exported. The mid- 1950s was the breakthrough for electronics. The launch of the newly developed frequency-current converter and digital tachometer with the slogan “Integrated transistors” became a best seller. This product range is still available today. Within the next 10 years profits tripled, in 1970s JAQUET AG acquired the neighbouring plot of land at Thannerstrasse 15, to create office space for management and engineering which is still used today.

During the mid-1970s, JAQUET AG made the strategic change to discontinue the product range of scientific and medical equipment and stopwatches. The first computerized process data monitoring systems were produced and sold. For decades these data monitoring systems were JAQUETs main revenue earners. In the beginning of the 1990s the companys focus was on Speed Measurement Technology, which the slogan “IN CHARGE OF SPEED” is our motto. 

Today JAQUET Technology Group AG delivers speed sensors and systems to customers worldwide in the following key markets :

  • Power generation ( Turbines and compressors)
  • Rail vehicles ( Drive and brake systems)
  • Marine propulsion ( Large diesel engines)
  • Hydraulic systems (Pumps and motors)
  • Truck and automobile engines
  • Aerospace (turbine ) 

In the year 2000 JAQUET Technology Group made its mark in the automotive and aerospace industry and increased its expertise in quality management. The company is now able to handle multiple projects with 100,000 parts to be supplied per year.

In 2016 JAQUET Technology Group became a part of the TE Connectivity group. Together JAQUET will continue to be the leading international supplier of speed measurement technology, with headquarters in Basel and a global customer base in the fields of energy production, railways, automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, diesel engines and textile machines.