Large Diesel & Gas Engines

Speed Sensors for Diesel engines

JAQUET provides solutions for all your Diesel engine needs:

  • Turbocharger speed sensors
  • Cam and Crankshaft speed
  • Engine monitoring and diagnostics
  • Regulation, overspeed protection and event logging

Crank-shaft speed

Hall-effect based sensors are delivering precise rectangular signals from push-pull output stages. This amplified sensor signals can serve multiple application on the same engine. Key success-factors are:

  • Rectangular hydraulic connector” has proven reliable long-life cycle in harsh environments, in all kind of engines from fast 4-stroke units to the biggest 2-stroke marine engines
  • Redundant sensors with 2 independent Hall-effect sensors in the same housing
  • One set of sensors that deliver the signals for all possible application on the engine
  • Sensor concepts with different housings sizes (in diameter and length) available
  • Differential sensor structures available for best immunity against EMI
  • All sensors with classification certificates
  • Blind front end and robust stainless steel housing for maintenance free use

ALPHABOX – the smart diagnostic system for engines

Designed for:

Easy installation
Maintenance-free use
Remote access to data
Retrofit systems
Real-time monitoring
Cylinder-by-cylinder diagnostics
Early detection of engine failure
Extension of engine lifespan
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