Experts in Railway Speed Sensors

JAQUET is a world leader and innovator in railway solutions. As a IRIS certified company, we produce high quality speed sensors certified to the highest level.

We design, manufacture and integrate the industry’s most advanced products and technologies for:

  • Propulsion control
  • Brake control system
  • Signalling (automatic train protection, communication based train control, tachimetrie, event register)
  • Door control
  • Diesel motor speed control
  • Diagnostic system

Propulsion control

Hall-effect DSD 70 and eddy current DSH 16 sensor families cover the propulsion control from light rail vehicles up to high speed trains.

Brake control

Inside the speed sensor modular concept, 2 or 3 channel dedicated speed sensors for brake control (anti-blocking system and wheel sliding protection).


Solutions for traditional pole wheel-flange sensor in the speed sensors modular concept or axle mounted encoders DSR 155. 

Diesel Motors

The diagnostic system  prevents excess fuel consumption, major defects, and high maintenance costs in diesel-electric locomotives and diesel-electric multiple units (DMU).

The ALPHABOX  is based on the data delivered by one or two speed sensors in the cran shaft and delivers cylinder-specific information for defective fuel injectors, reduced compression, faulty fuel injection system, and increased friction.

Pole wheels

Customized pole wheels assuring the full compatibility between speed sensor and pole wheel.

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