Position Sensors

Contactless measurement solution for position measurement

JAQUET position sensors provide cost effective solutions for contactless swashplate position measurement using Eddy current technology. The sensor is easy to install and adjust compared to LVDT sensors (Linear variable differential transformer).

A swashplate is a type of mechanism which allows a rotating motion to be transferred into a reciprocating motion or a reciprocating movement into a rotating one, which can replace the crankshaft in engine designs.

The swashplate mechanism is used in axial-piston, hydraulic pumps and motors to convert translational motion of a piston into rotational motion of a drive shaft. It is important to have control over this mechanism, preferably contactless, in order to avoid service issues.

JAQUET’s Eddy current based position sensor measures the change in airgap over an application specific designed target (that can be fitted to the piston, for example) with either an analogue or digital output. With the touch of one button, setup is easily handled by our programming device with teach-in function. The system can be tailored exactly to the customer’s application.