Speed Sensors

Experts in Speed Measurement

Thanks to decades of experience in sensing rotational speed, JAQUET can provide the perfect speed sensor solution for every application.

Over the years, we have specialized in combining different sensing technologies with customized sensor housing designs. Most sensor models we create today are customer specific – designed to perfectly fit the application.


While steel housings have been and still are used in many cases, higher volume applications can benefit from the use of plastic sensor housings. These generally enable lower cost designs and shorter manufacturing processes. Modern materials allow us to use plastic housings up to ambient temperatures of 250°C. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art injection molding technology.  

If more than one speed signal is required, e.g. for separate monitoring and control systems, various multi-channel sensor variants are available, either with a common supply voltage circuit or with completely separate power supplies for each channel. This approach helps reduce assembly time and increases redundancy in the overall installation.

Very often specific connector designs are required – we will make sure they are combined with the right cable types. Alternately connectors can also be mounted directly onto the back end of a sensor. Unsure about the best approach? Please contact us - we will guide you.

Third-party certified executions for hazardous locations or safety systems are also available in many variants.