Quality at JAQUET

Quality at JAQUET Technology Group isn't just some theoretical concept. We define, implement and live quality processes on a daily basis in order to reach our own quality objectives. We have a dedicated team working in our quality department and we formed an internal company spirit where everyone feels responsible for the quality of his work and our products. Below, see some examples of our understanding of quality in our daily work.

Our Quality Management

At JAQUET quality management is a key strategic task. Our quality management is a holistic corporate wide approach understanding our customers' overall objectives, in all levels of service: from R & D to manufacturing and customer service. The real value of quality is comprised of our two main principles:

  1. High Quality is the final product characteristic that describes how accurately JAQUET  has realized the needs and requirements of its customer.
  2. High Standard Quality can not be controlled, it has to be produced.

Our Standards

Our high quality standards are only accomplished because our people, organization and leadership of the company work together seamlessly. Our quality objectives are reached because our quality strategy supports the company's competitiveness, core competence and future growth.

Our Quality Certificates and Conformities

We are established in aviation, automobile, nuclear, railway and maritime business and of course we are conform to each quality standard and maintain all certificates

Further on different markets or applications always result in different requirements. To fulfil these requirements, JAQUET offers its customers a large variety of certified products for specific applications.

Quality at JAQUET - an insight

  • Whenever possible and reasonable we establish only processes fulfilling the highest QMS standard requirements of all implemented standards
  • Customers have the advantage that we can support a wide variety of different processes and use a huge tool box from Automotive, Aerospace or Railway World
CAR process - 24 hrs response time
  • Being a supplier of automotive industry, we're used to corrective action report process. But we guarantee not only our automotive clients a response within 24 hours, but for all our customers.
Product test strategy - automated end of line testing
  • We have a great deal of trust in our manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, we verify the functionality of every sensor we produce at the end of our production lines in automated test stations.
Traceability by serial laser marking
  • While testing on our end of line stations, all sensors that fulfil our ambitious quality standards immediately get a laser marking with a unique serial number for 100% traceability.
Product approval processes PPAP and FAI
  • We approve our own automotive / aerospace products using PPAP / FAI processes. But all our customers profit from the PPAP approval of our suppliers of key purchasing parts.
Statistical methods for process control at JAQUET
  • CPK: Statistical measurement of process capability
  • MSA: System to identify variation in measurement
  • SPC: Statistical process control using control charts


JAQUET has a long experience and tradition in standardized quality management due to its focus on the markets that can only accept ZERO product defects.

JAQUET's first quality system was established on year 1967, and since then the systems have constantly been improved and modernized to meet the requirements of a developing technology and growing production volumes. JAQUET received its first ISO 9001 certification in 1995. For the automotive business JAQUET first obtained QS 9000 certification in 2001 and since 2004 JAQUET is certified by the new automotive QM standard ISO/TS 16949. And in 2009/2010 JAQUET completed the aerospace industry specific quality certification EN / AS / JISQ 9100 and IRIS.